What about maintenance?


With a maintenance package your cars warranty will always remain valid and MOTs up to date


With a maintenance package your car will always be in top condition and ready to go

With a maintenance package you have no need to worry about any servicing costs 

Benefits of taking maintenance with your contract

Taking out a maintenance package enables you to to ‘Just add fuel’ as all costs are taken care of. A maintenance package will cover

all of your routine servicing, tyres (including punctures) exhausts, bulbs, brakes and any of the wear and tear items that you will need to replace during the term of the lease that are not covered under the manufacturers warranty, it will also include full road side assistance. 


  • Single point of contact – one number and one call.
  • Fixed Monthly Payments – you pay monthly, not annually – this protects against inflation of servicing costs and parts
  • Value for money – negotiated labour rates and parts prices based on fleet terms. 
  • Reduced downtime  – minimum disruption to your daily life.
  • Quality – your vehicle will benefit from quality workmanship and highest standard care from trained experts.
  • MOT

As mentioned above, you have one number to call. They will book everything for you. Even collect and deliver back to your home or place of work. If booked in plenty of time you can also arrange a courtesy car. 


  • Repair or replacement of parts due to driver error or negligence (including misfuelling)
  • Tyres damaged due to misuse
  • Repairs due to accident (whether it was your fault or not), impact, vandalism, theft or misuse
  • Missing or broken items (such as a bent aerial or missing hub caps)
  • Vandalised or stolen wheels or tyres
  • Lubricants, AdBlue or fluid top ups between service intervals
  • Vehicle Glass
  • Adding or removing artwork or lettering, washing, valeting or waxing, oils or fluids outside of normal servicing
  • Roadside assistance provided in mainland Europe only (excluding Northern Ireland) 

Need more information about maintenance. Please ask us