Six City Cars to Beat Public Transport

Is lockdown ending for you? Whether you have been furloughed or working from home, the issue remains – how do you commute to work?

Government advice is currently to use active travel – walk or cycle – and to avoid public transport. But what if none of those options is available or desirable to you? How will you get to work?

Many people have been thinking the same thing. According to automotive web analysts, Sophus3, people are looking at city cars as a credible answer to the work commute.

The analysis said that during May there had been a “measurable rise in the number of views of small city cars. This may suggest that many consumers are looking at practical, low budget alternatives to public transport to meet their future journey-to-work needs.”

We’ve been thinking the same thing – and judging by our website enquiries plenty of you are doing the same. So we thought we would help. Here’s The Vehicle Leasing Experts guide to Six city cars to beat public transport.

All these cars are cheap to run, easy to drive, a doddle to park and have excellent value for money car leasing rates.

Fiat 500

Fiat 500

The great-looking Fiat 500 is one of the most stylish in the class, and it’s certainly the one to choose if looks are critical to your car leasing choice.

The latest models are powered by a 1.0-litre engine which features mild hybridisation to increase fuel economy (over 53mpg) and to lower CO2 emissions (now 88g/km). The Fiat 500 Mild Hybrid replaces all previous 1.2 litre engined cars. 

With its three-cylinder engine, the car always sounds willing and while the ride is a bit lumpy the car’s outright charm will bring a smile to your face as you drive to work. 

If the Fiat 500 Mild Hybrid is the right choice for you, check out our Fiat lease deals to get behind the wheel.

Hyundai i10

This is now the third generation of Hyundai’s city car – and the best yet. It’s angular design is more assertive and it’s certainly one of the most spacious on the market, with five seat capability.

Interior quality is also something that’s been improved while the specification is generous, from the leather steering wheel to a range of active safety systems such as Lane Keep Assist (LKA), High Beam Assist (HBA) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) – not bad for a city car.

The car drives and rides in a highly accomplished way and there’s a choice of three-cylinder 1.0 and four-cylinder 1.2 litre engines. Fuel economy is plus-56mpg on the most economical model.

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Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto

The Kia Picanto is the sister car to the Hyundai i10. The new Kia Picanto usefully offers a new Automated Manual Transmission option for drivers needing an auto. That could really help for traffic heavy commutes.

While the Picanto features similar advantages to the i10 it differs in the engines offered, with the Picanto offering a turbocharged 100ps unit at the top end of the choice spectrum. Specification is generous and there are GT-Line and X-Line specifications available as before.

This upgraded Picanto is not available until Q3 2020, but until then there are some great leasing deals on the current Kia Picanto and Kia range see here

Peugeot 108

Peugeot 108

The Peugeot 108 is the French maker’s urban roller for the city commute. The rounded nose of the 108 gives the car very good aerodynamics, which also means CO2 emissions are kept in check.

The choice of engine is limited to a three-cylinder 1.0 unit offering 72bhp and fuel consumption from the mid to high fifties depending on how energetically you drive.
It’s an engaging little drive, with soft suspension to smooth out any potholes, while the three-cylinder engine warbles its own tuneful little song.

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Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

This one is a bit different – because the Renault Zoe is an electric car. While the leasing costs of the Zoe will be a little higher, you will save big time on the running costs, especially if you can charge on cheap-rate electricity at night.

The Zoe has recently been given a thorough refresh and that includes a dose of extra range to 245 miles so you should be able to commute to work and back home each day of the week without needing to charge the car.

Which will give you plenty of time to enjoy the pleasure of driving electric – the Zoe is easy to drive, nimble for city traffic, and with all that instant torque from the electric motor, the ability to quickly shift into small gaps.

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Toyota Aygo

The last of our six city car contenders, the sharply styled little Toyota Aygo is actually built in the same Czech factory as the Peugeot 108 (and Citroen C1) under the B-Zero agreement between Toyota and Groupe PSA (owners of the Peugeot and Citroen brands). But you wouldn’t know it from that youthful styling.

It’s not the biggest inside but the Aygo has a willing three-cylinder engine and a good ride. It can happily negotiate city traffic and its light steering makes parking in tight spots easy and simple.

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