Sell your car

Here at The Vehicle Leasing Expert, we have teamed up with Carwow to help you sell your car with as little hassle as possible. TOTALLY FREE and NO FEES

Here at The Vehicle Leasing Expert, we want to make the process of leasing a vehicle as easy as possible for you. That includes making it easy for you to sell your old car. We have teamed up with Carwow to make selling your car as easy and profitable as possible.

Give it a go.....Its Free

Compare multiple offers for your car today with Carwow.

We help you find a car buyer online by advertising your car free to our network of thousands of potential buyers in the UK.

We’ll also find you instant offers from the major online car buying companies, so you don’t have to.

You get to compare more offers from more buyers and trade your car today for more money. Carwow is always free and gives you a realistic idea of what your vehicle is worth.

Letting go of the car can be a complicated and scary process and time-consuming trying to find a buyer. We created Carwow to make the whole process easier. Our free to use online platform allows you to advertise your car for free. By collecting all the information about your vehicle’s current condition enables a buyer to make you a realistic offer. If you sell directly to Carwow dealers like this, you can get a much better price than using a car buying company.

Car buying companies use automatic pricing to decide the value of your car. These systems often ignore the condition, special features or extras, and offer you the lowest price they can. After that, you find out you have to drive to their depot, outside of town. When you eventually speak to the salesman – they chip away at the price they offered. Then charge you an “admin fee” and a “money sending” fee. At Carwow, we don’t think this old fashioned way of doing things is fair. And you shouldn’t either.

So how much could I get for my car?

This is where Carwow and the Carwow App come in. We use the same cutting edge software that dealers use to appraise vehicles professionally (In fact, our sister company AUTOi actually develops this software). Just enter your details into the Carwow App; it’s quick and easy. Then your vehicle details are broadcast to our network of thousands of motor traders. Any buyers who are interested in bidding will then offer their best prices.

Car Dealers usually buy vehicles from Motor Auctions. Who, in turn, get their stock from the big car buying companies, dealer part exchanges and, sometimes private sales. Each of these companies can take around 10% of your vehicle’s value. With Carwow and the Carwow App, our car buying service means you are more likely to get a better deal.

Carwow places you in the driving seat with complete control over the sale of your car so that you can pick the best offer available. If you are happy with an offer, you can accept it, and the dealer will contact you on the phone number you provide. They will arrange payment directly into your account via bank transfer or bankers draft. They won’t be expecting you to hand over the keys before payment is complete. They will book an appointment with you so they can come and inspect and collect your vehicle. Make sure you have the MOT certificate and Service History ready beforehand over the car.

Dealing with professionals that buy and sell cars all the time, means they can guide you through the trickier parts, like handling any outstanding finance, transportation, etc. They can also help with filling in the correct form to notify the DVLA you sold the vehicle.